2018 Annual Country Learning.

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The Leprosy Mission Nigeria held her 2018 Annual Country learning (ACL) workshop from 6th to 9th of November, 2018. The four-day workshop had over 34 participants comprising of staff of TLM Nigeria, partners from TLM Sweden, TLM Australia, TLM England and Wales, TLM International, SED Officers, representatives of the IDEA, partners from National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Programme (NBLCP), and staff from TLMN Orthopedic Workshop. The workshop was facilitated by Pius Sunday Ogbu, the Head of Operations — TLM Nigeria and Mr. Terver Anyor, Head Funds Development — TLM Nigeria.

The FDM, The ND and the Board Chairperson

The main thrust of the 2018 ACL was the mid- term review of TLM Nigeria’s country strategy implementation and the mission’s progress vis-à- vis the new priorities of the TLM Global Fellowship Strategy (2019–2023).

The workshop was divided into sessions, each day consisting of presentations, from stakeholders like the National Leprosy Control Programme on Leprosy Situation in Nigeria; the Neglected Tropical Disease presentation on Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention amongst IDM NTDs in Nigeria; an IDEA presentation, and a presentation by Rev. Abraham of the Holley Memorial Hospital Ochadamu.

Following those presentations there were group discussions on topics like new trends and changing needs affecting the states and persons affected by leprosy, and aligning TLM Nigeria’s targets for 2020 with the new global fellowship strategy.

There were also ice-breaker and energizer sessions, as well as feedback sessions. All these created a conducive atmosphere which made the learning experience interactive and impactful for participants.

Analysis of all approaches during the presentations and group discussions highlighted certain lapses and burning issues observed during the Mid-term project reviews.

Participants expressed profound appreciation and joy with hope that lessons learnt during the four-day workshop will move the organization to a greater height as well as help in achieving set goals.

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