2019 World Leprosy Day Celebration.

Despite the global efforts to repeal laws that discriminate against those affected, leprosy has become a metaphor for stigma. People affected by leprosy and those living with leprosy-related disabilities in Nigeria are ostracized, forced to leave their homes, pushed to segregated areas, denied basic human rights and left to suffer economic and social loses. The stigma of leprosy therefore affects the physical, psychological, social and economic well-being of those with leprosy, contributing to the cycle of poverty in the affected communities; and that is why this years’ World Leprosy Day theme is focused on “Ending Discrimination, Stigma and Prejudice”.

The Leprosy Mission (TLMN) joined the rest of the world on Sunday 27th January 2019 to mark the 67th World Leprosy Day with throngs of activities starting with: A Ministerial Press Briefing, Church Speaking Engagements, A visit to Yangoji Leprosy Community with the Hillside Community Church, A visit to Dakwa Leprosy community with Staff of GTBank, A TV Discussion Program, A Sensitization Rally, and an in-depth televised report on the current leprosy situation in Nigeria. All these activities were geared towards increasing understanding of leprosy and ensuring that the rights if those affected are respected and protected.

From Left to Right: Dr. Emperor Ubochioma (NTBLCP), Dr. Mrs Evelyn Ngozi Ngige (Director of Public Health/ Acting Perm. Sec Federal Ministry of Health), Miss Itohan Ehanire (PA, Minister of state for Health), Dr. E, Osagie Ehanire (FCT Minister of State for Health), Sarki Kutare Isa Ali (Chief, Persons Affected by Leprosy in FCT), Dr. Adebola A. LAwanson (National Coordinator NTBLCP), Dr. Sunday Udo (ILEP Chairperson/ National Director TLM-Nigeria), Mairo Ali (Woman Leader Alheri Community, Yangoji) and Mr Pius Ogbu Sunday (Head of Operations, TLM-Nigeria) at the Ministerial Press Briefing Held in Abuja.
Hon. Minister of State for Health — Dr. E Osagie Ehanire
A cross section of partner from WHO, 17+ Foundation, staff of the Federal and State Ministries of Health, representatives from various print and electronic media houses, leaders of the communities of persons affected by leprosy and staff of The Leprosy Mission Nigeria


Dr. Gowon sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community members
Dr. Gowon making the gift presentations to the Sarki of the Alheri community on behalf of the community members.
The highlight of the visit is the ice cream treat for the children.
The Sarki Kutare Isa Ali (Chief, Persons Affected by Leprosy in FCT) and his son
Persons affected by leprosy living in Yangoji
Persons affected by leprosy living in Yangoji


As part of their corporate social responsibility objective, the staff of all GTBank branches in Abuja partnered with TLMN to make a generous donation of clothing and food items to the persons affected by leprosy living in Dakwa Leprosy Community as part of activities to mark the 2019 World Leprosy Day.

During a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the intervention
Some of the community members and their children
The representatives from GTBank Abuja
The gift presentation to the Dakwa Leprosy Community


About 30 Lions International members from 3 clubs in Abuja, 10 TLM Nigeria staff, 6 corps members, 10 members from the Junior Chambers International, 5 representatives from the Centre for School Health Education and Environmental Hygiene (CSHEEH) and 12 representatives from the State Ministry of health and the National Tuberculosis, and Leprosy Control Programme (NTBLCP) participated in the 3hours 6km sensitization road walk to mark this year’s WLD celebration.

The messages on leprosy were translated in the three major Nigerian languages

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