My life has changed – Hadiza’s story

Hadiza Ummaru Amanawa was affected by leprosy over 55 years ago and has lived her whole life at the leprosy community. 

Being diagnosed of leprosy at a young age was tough due to the stigma I suffered in my community before moving to Amanawa Kalgo leprosy clinic for treatment and thereafter residing at the leprosy community where I met my husband who is also affected by leprosy”.

As the community women leader, Hadiza Hakimi Ummaru has been involved in activities organized by The Leprosy Mission Nigeria(TLMN) both at the community and state levels over the years. TLMN through its projects, especially the project on Enabling Disadvantaged Populations to Drive Sustainable Development (EDPOSD), continues to advocate for the needs of these Leprosy affected communities, alongside members of the communities. During one of the advocacy visits, the Kalgo LGA chairman rewarded Hadiza Hakimi Ummaru Amanawa and 43 other community members with Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) for plots of land in their community. 

This gesture gave them right to land ownership in the community. 

TLMN made the whole process possible, TLMN is always there for us. They have never left us alone. God will continue to reward TLMN for all they are doing in the disability world! Thank you TLMN”.

Hadiza Hakimi Ummaru Amanawa with her family Certificate of Occupancy

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