Orthopaedic Workshop

The TLMN Orthopedic Workshop is an arm of operation started by TLM Nigeria in the year 1998. Although, the Orthopedic Workshop is situated within the vicinity of the Leprosy Referral Hospital (a government health institution), Chanchaga, Minna, Niger State; this workshop is autonomous to the Referral Centre, as TLM Nigeria is the sole supporter of this project.

The Orthopedic Workshop of The Leprosy Mission Nigeria functions to provide assistive devices for those who become disabled through leprosy, injury, accidents, polio, congenital anomalies etc.

Thus this workshop:

Provides protective footwear and other appliances. Including, simple sandals, Above Knee Prosthetics, Below Knee Pipe Prosthetics, BK wooden Prosthesis, Moulded shoes, Elephant Booth, Ankle brace Orthosis, Knee Ankle foot Orthosis, Foot Orthosis, Kneeling Crutches, Aluminium Crutches, Shoe Raise, Callipers, Hand Orthosis, Foot drop strap, Hand Splint, Cervical Collar, Backslab, Sandbag, Wooden Crutches, HKAFO, CTO, TLSCO, CTLSCO; and other orthopaedic appliances as may be required to help people live with their impairments – with little or no discomfort; Prevent further deterioration of their condition; and enable our clients to experience and maintain their independence.

Orthopaedic Guest House

TLMN Orthopaedic Workshop also has a fully furnished and conducive 5-rooms, 10-bed Guest house that provides accommodation at an affordable rate for clients and their supporters accessing services from the Workshop.


Phone: +234 9027 785 111

Email: tlmnorthoworkshop@gmail.com